How To Set Up Your Own Candy Buffet

How To Set Up Your Own Candy Buffet

Candy buffets are one of the most popular latest trends for celebrations of all types. You will see candy buffets in weddings, quinceaneras, sweet 16 parties and even children birthday parties. Candy buffets not only serve your guests with sweet treats, but they also enhance and beautify your celebration’s decoration.

How to set up a candy buffet

Candy Buffet by Amy Atlas Events

If you are thinking about setting up your own candy buffet table but don’t know where to start here are a few tips:

Here is what you will need:aCandyShopAffiliateBanners300-300Animate

* Glass Containers in different sizes and shapes

* Candy Scoops

* Candy

* Cellophane or Organza bags

* Table linens to decorate your buffet table

Optional items include:

* Ribbon to decorate your glass containers

* Labels or favor hang tags for your candy containers

Tips for your candy buffet to look beautiful!

* Use one to three colors for your candy (unless it’s a candy land, circus or any theme with multiple colors). Matching your candy color to your theme colors gives your candy buffet a more elegant and non-tacky look.

* Decorate the candy buffet background and the ceiling above the table with paper fans, paper lanterns, linen and bunting banners among other decoration items.

* Always use a table linen  or table cover color coordinated with your theme. Use a puckered table skirt for an extra elegant or chic look.

* Elevate your glass containers to different levels. You can accomplish this by using boxes or books (place these under your table linen).

Yellow Candy Buffet

Yellow Candy Buffet

* Label your candy containers with the candy name or type.

* Place a color coordinated ribbon around your glass containers.

* Use lighting to give your table a pretty touch.

Some of the challenges of putting a Candy Buffet together are:

* Transporting the glass containers (without breaking them). The usual jars used for candy buffets are apothecary jars which can be very delicate and can break easily.

* Time consuming. It can take more than an hour to set up your candy buffet table.

* Figuring out how much candy you need for the amount of guests you will be having. The standard amount is having 1/8 to 1/2 of a pound per guest, this is about 10 pounds of candy for every 20 guests.

* Deciding how many containers are appropriate. Always consider the amount of containers that you wish your candy buffet to have. Standard can be from 5 all the way to 12.

* Deciding which type of candy to use. The standard is having 3 or 4 types of regular candy and 1 type of chocolate.

* Deciding where to place your candy buffet table. This depends on where you are having your celebration, whether it’s at home or a venue. If at home, you can place your candy buffet table in a free area, preferably against a wall. If you are having your celebration at a venue, you can place your candy buffet table as a welcoming set-up or place it beside your buffet tables or beside your chocolate fountain table if you are having one.

Where can you get the candy in the color for your theme?

Old Time Candy Company

Ultimately it’s your candy buffet so you can personalize it to your event. You can have as much candy and containers as you would like. Simply put your creativity to work for you and design a candy buffet table that you simply adore!

You can always hire a candy buffet service provider and have all the work done for you. When you choose to hire a candy buffet service the only work you will have to do is choose the candy and colors that you would like for your candy buffet. Research candy buffet services in your area contact them and go with the service that best fits your event’s needs and your budget.

Have you set up a candy buffet station before? If yes, what was the biggest challenge? Is this the first time you are going to set up a candy buffet? What has been the most difficult part? Was setting up your candy buffet easy? Leave us your comments below…

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