How To Make A Beautiful Macaron Tower Tutorial ~ Featured Party Craft

How To Make A Beautiful Macaron Tower Tutorial ~ Featured Party Craft

Learn how to make a beautiful macaron tower with this awesome tutorial by Rocio over at Little Wonderland. Macarons are part of the latest dessert trends and are must have goodies at every party! Not only are these sophisticated sandwich cookies delicious, but they are aesthetically perfect. In other words they look beautiful and can give your party’s dessert table a fabulous elegant look!

I absolutely loved this green macaron tower created by Rocio. Just in time for the christmas season this green macaron tower is a beauty perfect for your christmas party! Change the colors and decorative elements and you can create a beautiful tower to match any party theme.

how to make a macaron tower

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Florist Foam Boards or ready-made foam cone.
  • Tape
  • Toothpicks
  • Scissors
  • Serrated knife
  • Tissue or Crepe Paper (matching color with your macarons)
  • Although not shown in the photo: You will also need a printer and paper, if you do the templates on the computer or paper, pencil , ruler and compass, if you do hand templates .


Note: This tutorial is based on using florist foam boards to create your own cone with foam discs. If you use a ready-made cone, you can skip to Step 5.


How to make a macaron tower

Step 2:  Create circle templates on your computer or paper. The template used creates a cone that is 30 cm high and 12 cm wide which fits approximately 50 macarons. Start with the base circle and then the additional 5 circles, decreasing approximately 1 1/2 cm per circle. Measure the thickness of your foam board and trim if necessary. Cut out all the circles from the templates to obtain different sized foam discs . To do this, place the template on the foam board and cut with the serrated knife placed on a vertical angle.

Step 3: Use your hot glue gun to glue the foam discs together with the biggest circle as the base and working your way up to the smallest.

Step 4: Once your glue has dried you are ready to trim your foam circles to form a cone shape. Use your serrated knife and trim using an angle to get the correct shape.

How to Make a Macaron Tower

Step 5:  Wrap the cone with tissue paper or crepe paper, cut the excess with scissors and tape it on the bottom side of the base.

Step 6: Place the cone on a plate. Now you are ready to place the macarons one by one. Insert a toothpick at a 45 degree angle, insert the macaron and make sure to place the toothpick right on the center of each macaron. Continue placing each Macaron next to each other, to surround the cone. Once you have finished one row, continue with the next and so on until you reach the tip.

Step 7: To cover the gaps that have been left, you can place flowers made with fondant or modeling paste. You can also place other edible goodies that match with your theme like butterflies, bees etc. This tower was decorated with mint leaves.

Step 8: Present on your buffet table, cake table or as centerpieces. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised!

That’s it! Isn’t this macaron tower just beautiful? I think it goes perfectly with the upcoming christmas season and the elegant presentation caught my eye immediately! For more yummy recipe and dessert projects be sure to like Rocio’s Little Wonderland facebook HERE and her visually enticing blog HERE. (Her site is in spanish but the visuals are enough to give you great ideas for desserts on all types of celebrations and parties!)

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