Festive Pinwheel Cake Tutorial

Festive Pinwheel Cake Tutorial

Grab your fondant and cake decorating tools to get ready to create this beautiful Festive Pinwheel Cake! This beautiful and fun cake + tutorial was designed by talented cake designer JCake! Her step by step instructions will help you create your very own festive pinwheel cake!



Materials Needed:






  1. Roll out the white fondant with a rolling pin and use your square cutter to create a white square. Do the same thing with a patterned fondant sheet of your choice creating a square of the same size.


2) With a trickle of water make the two squares fit into one square. Turn the square to the white side and use a scalpel to carve the diagonals, stopping just before the center.


3) Take one of the peaks obtained from the incisions and fold it toward the center pasting it with a little water.Take one of the peaks obtained from the incision and fold it toward the center pasting it with a little water.  Do the same with the other three points and let it dry.


4)  Make a small ball that matches the color you chose for your patterned sugar fondant sheet and apply it to the center with a little water and press down.


5)  Using the same technique with different textures and sizes to make different pinwheels and let them dry well.


6)  To make the flags, roll out the fondant and carve out an elongated diamond. Cut a piece of flower wire and slightly curve it. Fold the diamond shape on to the wire. Use a trickle of water to glue, leaving the wire inside of the fold.

7) Do the the same thing with other flags in different colors. Let dry thoroughly and attach the wire to the ends of your cake pop sticks. If you would like you can create a seam effect on the flags with the wheel cutter, by sliding it through the flag edges.


8) Lastly roll out a very thin layer of fondant to create a wavy stripe a little longer than the circumference of the cake.


9) Apply the wavy strip to the bottom of the cake using a little bit of water to glue it. Do the same thing with the pinwheels placing them at will but trying to switch between different colors and sizes. Place the flags on top of the cake.



You can also use the smaller pinwheels to decorate cake pops to accompany the cake!



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Translated from: Corriere della Serra


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