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DIY Minnie Mouse Invitation With Real Bow + Free Minnie Ears Template

25th Sep 2013

With today’s tutorial you will learn how to make your own Minnie Mouse Invitations with a real bow! Real elements such as ribbons, blings and bows always add special details to make your invitations super fabulous! Who doesn’t like impressing their guests with super creative party elements? I can guarantee that your guests will absolutely love your handmade Minnie Mouse Invitations and I’m sure that your little one will love them too!

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitation Tutorial

These Minnie Mouse Invitations are one of my party boutique’s best sellers and today I’m going to show you how to put them together. I will also show you how to make a super easy yet beautiful bow to add to your Minnie Mouse invitations. So, let’s get started:

Materials Needed:

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

Card Stock Paper: Black, White and Your choice of matching color for your theme decorations (pink shown).

Hot Glue or Double Sided Tape

Curling Ribbon

Wired Ribbon (for bows, wired ribbon is best for easy bow making)


Pencil or Pen for Tracing

Mickey and Minnie Ears Template (Provided on Step 1)

Circle Invitation Template (For Party Details and information. Provided on Step 3)

First we want to take care of the printing and cutting out and then we can start to put the invitations together.

Step 1: Download, save and print your Minnie Ears Template on your black cardstock paper.  Print as many Minnie ear templates that you need to invite everyone on your guest list. Click here for ~> Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears Outline Template for DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations .

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations

The Minnie Ears Template is black, but you should be able to see the printed outline on your black card stock paper. Proceed to cut out the Minnie Ears Shape being careful to follow the circle like pattern.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Free Template

Step 2: Optional. You will now use your Minnie Ears Shaped paper to trace the outer flap used to hold in your invitations. You can choose to place your invitations in regular envelopes and you can skip this step.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitation Template

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitation Template

Cut out your first outer flap and use it as a template to trace and cut out as many as you need for your invitations.

Step 3:  Download, save and edit your Circle Invitation Template. Click here for ~> Minnie Invitation Circle Template Please note: This file is a Microsoft Word File so that you can easily edit the details for your party. If you do not have Word installed in your computer you can download OpenOffice, a free desktop software that is compatible with all of Microsoft’s programs. Open the file and start editing the details for your invitation. You can play around with the different font formats in Word (or OpenOffice) including changing the color of the font, changing the font, size etcetera, until you get the look that you want. Once you have edited the circle invitation print your Circle Invitation Template on your white cardstock paper.  This file has 4 circle invitation templates per page. Print as many circle templates that you need to invite everyone on your guest list. I usually use the font Waltograph (Walt Disney Font) for any Minnie or Mickey Mouse Project. If you would like to download the Walt Disney Font Click Here To Download. Remember to install the font before editing your invitation details.

Note:  If you have any issues downloading the Minnie Invitation Circle Template above, you can download it from our google drive ~> HERE.

UPDATE: Due to our current high volume of obligations with our blog and shop, we can no longer email any portion of the files in this post. If you are having issues downloading the Circle Invitation Template, please try using another web browser. Alternatively, you can create the wording for your invitation and use a circle shape to trace and cut out. We do appreciate each and every one of you and apologize for any inconvenience! 

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitation Template

Once you have printed your circle invitations proceed to cut them out being careful to follow the circle shape.

At this point you should have all of the template cutouts that you need for your invitations.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitation Template

Step 4: Optional Glue the Outer flap that will hold your circle invitation template inside your invitation. Spread glue carefully along the edge of your half moon shaped flap and then glue it onto your Minnie Ears Cutout. (You can choose to place your invitations in regular envelopes and you can skip this step. )

DIY Minnie MOuse Invitations Template

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

Making Your Bows

Step 5:  Cut your wired ribbon into 12 inch pieces. Then fold the edges towards the middle.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

Your ribbon should measure approximately 4.25 inches after folding.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations TemplateNow for the super easy fun part! Cut a piece of curling ribbon and place it in the center of your folded wired ribbon. Tie the curling ribbon around your wired ribbon with a tight knot and cut out the excessive curling ribbon.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

Cut a small piece of your wired ribbon, cover the curling ribbon with it and glue it on the back side to keep it secure.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

Voila! You have made a super easy bow!

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

Step 6: Use hot glue to attach your bow to the Minnie Ears Cutout, hold it in place for about 20 seconds to make sure it has a strong hold. Make sure to glue it very close to the edge because you will need space to insert your circle invitation. Once you have glued your bow on. You can proceed to fluff your bow up. This is very easy to accomplish  with Wired ribbon!

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

Super cute! Right?

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

Step 7: Insert your circle invitation cut outs by slipping them between your half moon shaped flaps and the Minnie Mouse Cutouts.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

That’s It! You are done! Now you have a unique handmade Minnie Mouse invitation for your little one’s amazing party!

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

You may have to trim a little here and there to accomplish the rounded look for your invitations.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitation Tutorial

If you want to use regular envelopes for your invitations and wish to skip the outer half moon shaped flap all together, simply glue your circle invitation template onto your Minnie Ears as shown in the yellow accented Minnie Mouse Invitation below.

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations Template

Here’s a peek of how your Minnie Mouse Invitations would look in a #6 envelope. You can always use a different size envelope. The trick is to insert your invitations in your envelopes, making sure the bow portion is shown. Your bow is one of the focal points of your invitation, so you want to make sure you show it off!

DIY Minnie Mouse Invitations

Whew! These Minnie Mouse Invitations are very easy, but they definitely take a bit of time to make. In the end it’s well worth it! You end up with super cute and unique Minnie Mouse Invitations. If you are very crafty, the time you invest will be full of fun craftiness!

On a boy mommy note, follow the same steps minus the bow and you have the perfect Mickey Mouse Invitation!

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Are you going to make these for your party? Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me or leave me a comment below.

I would love to see your handmade Minnie Mouse Invitations! Please send me pictures of them at or share them on our facebook page: Seshalyn’s Party Ideas on facebook.

Happy Minnie Mouse Invitation Making!


54 comments on “DIY Minnie Mouse Invitation With Real Bow + Free Minnie Ears Template

  1. Anonymous on said:

    For some reason when I try to download the Minnie Invitation Circle template I am having issues. Would it be possible to send it to me via e-mail as a word document?

    Thank You!

  2. I’m SO making these for my little girls’ 2nd birthday! I have seen so many using the black minnie background and was going to print a pink bow, but this bow from ribbon is SO much cuter!!! I also saw on another site cute pics of the birthday girl printed and cut out circles the size of the ears to go along with it. I’m going to do that as well. :) I can’t wait to get started! I wanted to ask what size envelope is needed to fit this invite? If all else fails I’ll take one to the craft store/office store to see if I can find envelopes to fit! Thank you for posting this! What a great help it’s been to me!

    • Hello Jenna,

      I agree with you, the real bow adds a super cute touch to your invitations! I love the idea of having pictures of your daughter on the minnie ears. I just added a picture of the invitations in a #6 envelope. Take a peek at it above. Thanks to your question I added the envelope portion, I’m sure someone else might have the same question.

      I’m super glad I could help you! Please send me pictures of your invitations I would love to see and share them! Thanks for leaving me your lovely feedback :)
      Glenda Pagan recently posted…Shabby Chic First Birthday ~ Featured Party

  3. Hello,
    I tried to download the circle template and seem to be having some issues. Would you please email it to me in a Word document? Thanks for sharing such great ideas.

  4. Sabrina Soto on said:

    For some reason when i try to download the font i am having difficulty. is the link broken? can you send me one that works please. says invalid file.

  5. I absolutely love your tutorial!! It was so helpful when I created my daughter’s Minnie Mouse Invitations for her 1st birthday party coming up in January! I’m new to blogging and will be writing about planning my daughter’s birthday party and I will be giving you and your tutorial credit for helping me to create the invitations I have received so many compliments about! Thank you again!
    Michele recently posted…My 1st Blog Post!

  6. Abigail on said:

    Thank you so much!!! I was running out of time to make invitations and I was in a panic. I always hand make my girls invitations and I ALMOST made plain Jane ones!!! So glad I came across your awesome, step by step tutorial. Thanks again!

  7. Kathryn on said:

    I just tried to open and edite the template for the minnie circle invitation part and I am having troubles downloading it then editing it. Is there any way you could email me it. Thank you so much. Cant wait to get started on them! :)

  8. Penelope Makobe on said:

    hello i really liked your diy invitations it will be perfect for my daughters birthday party nd theme as it will be on the 8th March 2014 but my greatest problem is that i cant download the circle templates hence i kip trying bt no luck. can you please be at my assistance. Thank you

  9. Kim Z. on said:

    Love the idea of DIY these cute invites! Slowly, but surely I am getting more crafty. :)

    However, I’m also having issues with the circle template (using Open Office, but my husband has Office).

    Thanks for providing this tutorial!

  10. Cynthia Elias on said:

    Thank you so much for this! I love it! I was going a little crazy because I could find a tutorial for this and I was scared I might have to pay too much on Etsy to get them done. Thanks to you I can now save lots of money!

  11. Latasha on said:

    Hello! I searched 2 craft stores today for the envelope size you indicated in your post with no success! Just wanted to ensure the size you listed was correct……I’ve already made the invitations and they are PERFECT!!!!!! Thanks!

    • Hello Latasha,

      I’m sorry you are having a rough time finding the envelopes. These envelopes are the regular small letter envelopes, so you should be able to find them in any office supply store. I’m glad you’re invitations turned out great! :)

  12. I am throwing my daughter a mickey/Minnie party and I am in love with these invites! I just ordered the ribbon, saved/retyped the invites, and printed the outline for the head. So glad there are moms out there who are creative enough to come up with great ideas even a not-so-creative mommy like me can handle. Thanks again!


    • Hello Jimecia,

      Congratulations on your baby! These are a bit hard to mail out as the bow is 3D to describe it somehow. I would suggest using a flat paper bow instead of the ribbon bow. Try searching google for “Free Bow Template.” Hope this helps a bit. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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